Soccercise is a brand new form of exercise/keep fit class developed by the FA and also backed by the 'This Girl Can' campaign. Originally developed to work with women and girls over the age of 16, Soccercise combines a variety of fitness exercises with a football. The class is delivered to music and is based on repetitions of specific exercises (i.e. press-ups, squats, sit-ups). Participants can pair up or create their own workout to do at home. 

Soccercise sessions are fun, engaging and can be tailored for all levels of fitness. It can help introduce you to football, re-familiarise those who haven’t played for a while, form part of a pre-season training programme, become part of a pre-match warm-up or just be used as an alternative way to keep fit. The inclusion of footballs adds co-ordination and core stability to familiar exercises. It builds skill and confidence of working with a football. Footballs are provided and you don’t need specialised kit just trainers and comfortable clothing. Sessions will be delivered by a trained instructor and normally last for 60 minutes. All sessions are open for women and girls aged 16+ 

To find out more details or to book onto a session, please contact Taslima, Health and Wellbeing Activator by completing the form below. Alternatively you can contact via email: or phone: 020 8556 5973