Primary School Booking Page

The aim of the Leyton Orient Trust Primary School programme is to support teachers’ development to allow them to continue to provide high-quality sessions after the support ends. Our coaches will do this by providing mentoring and coaching support to teachers in 1:1 setting and complete the weekly CPD plan.

Schools must select a teacher or a teaching assistant that will be the main contact and receiving the 1:1 coaching. The teacher then must be present for the whole 12 weeks in the PE session. During PE lessons, teachers are expected to be present and active, working alongside coaches to develop the quality of their PE teaching. 

The selected teacher will also be required to take part in the quality assurance process by attending a follow up meeting to provide feedback on the programme.

This briefing sheet needs to be completed 4 weeks before Leyton Orient Trust is due to deliver the FREE 12 Weeks programme in your school. Please complete as much information as possible to give us a detailed understanding of your requirements, facilities and resources available for our coaches to deliver a smooth and effective programme.

Main School Contact Name *
Main School Contact Name
Programme Requested *
Preferred term *
Preferred Day *
Preferred Time Slot *
Please note for the morning slot we will provide the breakfast club. For the afternoon slot we will provide the after school club. Maximum of 16 children. Both clubs can have a combination of year 1-2, 3-4, 5-6.
Preferred Sport *
Our coach will be able to deliver TWO types for sport for 12-weeks. Please select from the options which sport you would like for us to deliver?
Equipment available? *
Does the school have the equipment available for the preferred sports. (If no, Leyton Orient Trust can provide)
Facilities available *
Is there an outdoor or indoor space for the coach to deliver PE sessions?
Please include any additional information you would like to include.